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    Intellectual property The information and contents on (hereinafter called the WebSite) are protected by Spanish legislation on intellectual and industrial property, with rights held by CENTRO DE INVESTIGACIÓN COOPERATIVA DE ENERGÍAS ALTERNATIVAS (hereinafter called CIC energiGUNE). This WebSite may not be reproduced or published in full or in part, the data herein may not be processed, distributed or disseminated and no rights legally recognised as held by its owner may be exercised without the prior written consent of said owner.

    Users are authorised to use the material appearing on this WebSite solely for their personal, private use. All use for commercial purposes or in connection with unlawful activities is prohibited. All intellectual property rights in regard hereto are expressly reserved by CIC energiGUNE.

    CIC energiGUNE will enforce the foregoing conditions and monitor the proper use of the contents presented on the pages of its WebSite, and will bring all available civil and criminal proceedings in case of any infringement or non compliance with said rights on the part of users. Protection of Personal Data

    CIC energiGUNE hereby informs users of its policy for the treatment of personal data:

    Browsing the pages of the WebSite CIC energiGUNE gathers and holds only the following information on visitors to its WebSite: A. ISP domain name.

    B. Date and time of access to our WebSite.

    C. The URL from which the link to our WebSite came.

    D. Number of hits per day for each section of the WebSite.

    E. Browser used to see the WebSite.

    The information obtained is completely anonymous and cannot be associated with specific, identified users.

    Miscellaneous CIC energiGUNE may make changes in the information on the WebSite and in the configuration and presentation of the site without prior notice.

    A. CIC energiGUNE hereby undertakes not to engage in misleading advertising. For these purposes, “misleading advertising” shall not include any formal or numerical errors in the contents of the various sections of the WebSite of CIC energiGUNE that might arise as a result of incomplete or faulty maintenance and / or updating of the information contained therein. In accordance with this section, CIC energiGUNE undertakes to correct any such errors as soon as possible after learning of their existence.

    B.CIC enrgiGUNE undertakes NOT TO SEND MARKETING MESSAGES WITHOUT IDENTIFYING THEM AS SUCH, as per the Information Society and Electronic Mail Services Act (Act 34/2002). For these purposes, “marketing messages” shall not include information sent to customers of CIC energiGUNE that is intended to maintain the contractual relationship between such customers and CIC energiGUNE and to carry out the task of providing information.

    C.CIC energiGUNE assumes no liability for any failure to abide by applicable regulations incurred by users in accessing the WebSite and / or in the use of information contained in same. D.CIC energiGUNE assumes no liability for damages of any kind that may result from the use of information and material contained in this WebSite and of the programs incorporated into same. The links and hypertext that enable users to access services offered by third parties via this WebSite are not owned by or under the control of CIC energiGUNE, which therefore may not be held liable for the information contained therein or for any consequences of the use of that information.

    E.CIC energiGUNE assumes no liability for the unlawful use by third parties of any brand name, product name or trade mark now owned by CIC energiGUNE that appears on the WebSite. Similarly, CIC energiGUNE may not be held liable for the soundness, veracity and lawfulness of the contents of other WebSites that may be accessed via links on its WebSite.

    F.CIC energiGUNE accepts no liability for any computer viruses that may originate from remote transmissions infiltrated by third parties (e.g. macros in word processor files, Applets in Java and Active X programs) generated with the intention of upsetting computer systems.

    G.In short, users hold sole liability for the use that they make of the services, contents, links and hypertext included in this WebSite.